The following information is needed to prepare your Simple Pump quote.

*** marks required points. 

If you don’t know something, insert ‘don’t know’ in the field.

Other points are optional.

Your Input
Casing height
From ground level to rim of casing.
Static water level
From ground level down to your water.
Submersible set
If known. From ground level to the position of the submersible. Must be a larger number than water level.

Well depth
From ground level to the solid bottom of the well. Must be a larger number than water level and submersible set.
Pump into home’s pressure tank?
Yes, No, Maybe
Submersible configuration

Pitless Adaptor (through side of casing, underground).

OR pipe through the TOP of the well cap.

Casing ID
Inside diameter
or Casing OD
Outside diameter

or Casing Circumference
Measure around the casing, just below well cap. For accuracy, use a soft, cloth-type measuring tape.

Casing material
Metal or PVC

Around casing
Earth or concrete

Vertical rise
From wellhead up to the delivery point
Recovery rate
? gpm

Freezing level
? Inches

Interested in motor?
Yes, No, Maybe in future.

If Yes, which option?